” the card of elder brother spy of koradji ” the Weisuogeda that the character passes

” the card of elder brother spy of koradji ” the Weisuogeda that the character passes

“In fact, want a guillotine genteel the blood below calls is justice, it is extremely self-confident that that can be gotten, or, extremely jackass ability is accomplished. ” — progress of Wei Suoge tower originates knowledge, tell from this meaning, the scholar is the most honorable existence on the world. But in reality, scholars however must to the head with a lot of low and expensive stuffs, for example sword, nark and divine official… once they choose the truth make a stand against that discovers for oneself, do not have what good end commonly, best example is the Weisuogeda that is forgotten by common people nearly. In be apart from today before half century, weisuogeda or a reputation are far sowed professor, assume office at boreal condition most university of fort of ox of elder institution of higher learning, he is an outstanding surgeon, hold alchemist part-time, still be researcher, historian, philosopher and morality learn the home at the same time — in short, true scholarly person. “If you want to nod scholastic speech, that is read division fertile Weisuogeda’s work. ” — Zhuo Ertan but after the paper with the atheistic advocate that published those a few a nuisance when 爱上海同城论坛

Weisuogeda, the northward clergy that the palm controls power people very astonish, adjudge this bachelor none hesitantly in order to show disrespect or contempt divine blame, give capital punishment. To earn a living, he must choose to leave one’s native place, his wife is unthinkable the life of drift from place to place, cast aside a relation clear with him. Everything what place of the half a lifetime before Weisuogeda accumulates is destroyed at once, head for distant south, namely the territory of Ni Fujia heart. For many times after flounder, the Caesarean institute of fort of favour of skin of fatigue of arrowroot of Ni Fujia heart admitted him, weisuogeda became that philosophy and morality to learn a professor. But, just spent smooth and steady time 10 years, the history repeats again on professor body. This discusses the work of totalitarian regime and metaphysical mysticism that piece so that be attributed to him, he because this by Caesarean government qualitative for northward and outspread sex the flunky of revisionist communion — in other words, one is advertised politics the religiose person that teachs syncretic. If dimension alls alone dagger tower can choose to pretend,regret having done sth is like the ground fawn… not, if,do not have, teach absurd to this accusation boil with anger, the truth that he believes to he discovers — it will be penetrable of days cut off, ove阿拉爱上海同城

rride at all politics decision-making over. Then, feel the professor that oneself are treated unjustly by Caesare爱上海

an plot, begin actively to contact the opposition that topples regime, but he can be inferior to becoming knowledge in this respect so acumen. Weisuogeda and his opposition partner people very speed prison house, making what the person is surprised is, in someone else mouth, weisuogeda suddenly change one’s identity, became the head of subterranean activity. The imperial Buddha Gu Si at that time. The scapegoat heart that Enruisi promotes to this knows abdomen bright, because tower of dagger of this dimension all alone is collected,answered a small order. The emperor exiled he, but the land that if dare set foot on an empire again,warns him, should put to death by original accusation him. Weisuogeda lost everything again — the flesh and blood of the 2nd wife and one’s own also severed a relati阿拉爱上海同城

onship with him, once the friend of confide in sb and colleague inspect him to be great scourges. Family member, institute, opposition, lawyer, official, Caesarean, regnal, and even everything on whole world, became the target that Weisuogeda hates. Weisuogeda went from now on regnal admire thunder pulls Ai Bin the marsh of specially area, live in solitude long years, so that emperor already上海贵族宝贝交流区

for two times easy advocate… funny is, annex of Ni Fujia heart Ai Bin is regnal, old anchoret stands on Caesarean land again, and the warning of the emperor before new emperor did not announce to recall… year the old person with expensive already work has been forced to leave his native land again without energy abroad, he can continue to hide only in marsh, do not let anybody discover his existence. Valeria Chernichenko is made until one day, old anchoret collected what an experience hurts again to be close to dead girl, he picks up the surgical medical skill before rising 50 years afresh, bring back to life the girl of rat gray hair. The We爱上海同城对对碰

isuogeda from analogy old raven at the same time cure is worn the girl, taught her at the same time 0 broken broken life philosophic theory, still provided many helps for her, he and girl were become forget year hand in. Final, the girl restored health, the decision leaves in Allhallows night before last, continue her adventure. During setting out, the old person wishs she has a pleasant journey heartily. After the back in the girl disappears before long, old anchoret was in alonely on the floor of hut, transmit in far darkness give obituary notice the singing of succubus. Author: Xiao Bai also

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