Try water finance frequently carry Cheng, why to stride the bank that pays license tag nevertheless?

Try water finance frequently carry Cheng, why to stride the bank that pays license tag nevertheless?

Chu Xia season, the license plate that carry Cheng violates compasses incident to cause wide attention. Real name of Zhang Fahai’s lawyer is informed against carry Cheng to be in ” did not pay license tag ” below the circumstance, be suspected of gift of put on sale blocking imprest card of the form, violate compasses begin tripartite to pay behavior.

The analysis says, involve capital precipitation rear, according to 2017 the data first quarter, at least precipitation of 12 billion RMB is in on the account that carry Cheng, if carry Cheng to did not obtain any disbursement,business is permitted, user capital exists by the possibility of divert, embezzlement.

Meaningful is, be in this year the beginning of the year, carry Cheng advanced deputy total Zhang Tingting ever still expressed publicly, the finance that carry Cheng has been obtained much to financial license plate.

Of course, this is not to carry Cheng first time to grow the bank in financial license plate to go up any more.


From Internet finance, pay arisen when, carry Cheng hitting edge ball all the time.

2013 the end of the year, carry Cheng to had rolled out the name is ” carry Cheng Bao ” product. In conduct propaganda, the treasure that carry Cheng was hit year change the catchword such as accrual, still emphasize on placard highlighted ” high income, 0 risks ” word.

Subordinate ” fund of 90 days of travel ” , ” fund of 180 days of travel ” admittance doorsill is 10 thousand yuan, and ” month in and month out is returned ” be as high as 30 thousand yuan, among them highest year change accrual to be able to be amounted to 16% .

And the most fervent in those days liability fund, year change accrual to also be only 6% .

There is expert doubt at that time, carrying Cheng is the thing that wrapping around to advance card appearance is doing fund: Although professional orgnaization dare not be in open conduct propaganda,make clear affirmatory accrual, brighter have affirmatory calm a place difficult of access.

According to statistic, from May 3, 2011 – on March 26, 2015, central Bank cent extends 8 batches in all 270 pieces of tripartite pays license tag, and at present tripartite pays license plate to put a quantity to be 260 pieces. Inquire what net of Central Bank official announces to already obtained license plate at the same time tripartite pays a company list, the Beijing that did not discover the net that carry Cheng and its place are belonged to carries limited company of Cheng international travel agent, Shanghai to carry technology of the limited company of Cheng business affairs, computer that carry Cheng (Shanghai) limited company.

The courage that carries Cheng from why and come?

Carry Cheng to explain to media later, the accrual that mentions in conduct propaganda, it is to show cost returns corresponding word to still be rewarded, do not suffer the conduct propaganda of product of financial conduct financial transactions to restrict.

But this one explanation draws on bigger doubt very quickly. Carry Cheng to did not tell an user, the whereaboutldirection of this collect capital. It is with the product of 90 days of deadline exemple, “Do these 90 days carry Cheng to take this capital to work went? “Do these 90 days carry Cheng to take this capital to work went??

To this, the lawyer expresses at that time, carry a variety of show of Cheng Bao, already what collect money illegally is disrelish.

In those days, carry Cheng president bridge to build character of chapter a person of extraordinary powers to pay sortie shift wait for business, what still can involve customer is small credit.

Look now, that is the Flag that he establishs an awkwardness below.


After this, carry the attempt of each other gold of Cheng, had the mutation with various items.

May 2014, carried Cheng to roll out the name is ” Cheng Zhangbao ” imprest card product, allege protect this of 6% year turn profit, go up with the share price that carry Cheng a link up with, and ” go up not to seal a top ” . Like the treasure that carry Cheng, this product resembles likewise extremely product of conduct financial transactions.

But according to money new interview, apparitor of banquet of radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries of career of the banking that carry Cheng expresses, carry Cheng to be in at present ” apply for tripartite to pay license tag ” ,

That is to say, “Cheng Zhangbao ” it is wrapping around product of conduct financial transactions ” darling ” the edge ball of appearance.

The personage inside course of study is oppugned, if use fund,investment carries Cheng share certificate, it is normal to let share price break away from corporation main area and 上海贵族宝贝交流区

stock value, be suspected of operating share price. On the other hand, this kind of behavior is equivalent to coverting collect money, wander in legal brim.

In those days, the respect that carry Cheng pays on the make with tripartite to Internet finance. Zhang Tingting expresses, these blue print ” still need to corresponding license plate undertakes assorted, ability comes true ” .

Nevertheless 2014, because pay a problem experience bad-mouth,carry Cheng for many times. On March 22, defray of net of black clouds of flaw report platform, the safety that carry Cheng pays a log OK and optional download, information of card of many user bank is faced with divulge, number of card of the Id of the person that hold card, bank and numerous core password exist filch risk.

In those days January, 上海夜网论坛

chinese net carries Cheng Mingwen to store with respect to Ceng Fawen doubt user sensitive information, had violated the relevant regulation of silver-colored couplet apparently.

Till now, the license plate problem that carries Cheng is pendent, be immersed in one after another however violate compasses scandal.


3 years, be opposite as the Central Bank the government that pays license tag is even more strict, the license plate opportunity with the new application that carry Cheng is already vague.

On the platform that carry Cheng, offer all the time similar ” purse ” service, let an user have consumption, action full a cost, continue to hit edge ball.

At the beginning of 2017, after media surveys the chain of industry of buy in and sell at a profit of subterranean finance license plate, those who because capital liquidates dimensions,discover is firm need, the Internet company of a batch of the 2nd echelon formation is very pressing to the demand of license plate.

And the be the first to be affected that carry Cheng, state of mind is most agog.

In recent years online travel competition is entered turn white-hot, have the journey in the A that pays treasure addition to win on the scratch line, new beauty also was obtained greatly pay license tag.

Under competitive pressure, the fretted state of mind that carries Cheng is exposed without involuntary discharge of urine. But after Baidu becomes partner, carry Cheng however not the disbursement of Baidu purse the system is used effectively at oneself business.

The analysis says, this backside may be to carry Cheng not to wish ” open the door to a dangerous person ” , still to developing his disbursement the system holds an illusion. On the other hand, pay license plate the price when the river rises the boat goes up too on market, had made the high price of 500 million, probably this also is the element that carries Cheng to decide determination hard below.

Rat head in two end, carried Cheng to miss optimal opportunity, be obliged get down license plate violates a bitter pill to swallow of compasses.

Carry Cheng to did not abandon using multiform, covert bureau finance domain.

At the beginning of 2016, the personage inside insurance explodes makings, if the aviation accident risk that carries Cheng to go up buys 20 yuan, carry Cheng to be able to swallow 18.5 yuan as channel. Face the forestall platform inside this family property, if insurance company does not pay out of own pocket, “The someone did not play with you ” . 上海贵族宝贝论坛


This has been regulation goes tacitly inside course of study.

Pay license tag violate compasses suspicion in one’s mind, still will be very long period of time inside, carry Cheng hard the stain from card.

After exposed license plate is being exposed to violate compasses incident by this year May, carry Cheng to not was in statement, respond to the most crucial question: In did not obtain ” pay business licence ” below the circumstance, whether be trade the effect that c上海龙凤论坛sh1f

apital move had in both sides.



This kind has an affair with below not clear position, the capital whereaboutldirection of collect, lack the safe hazard that Central Bank technology investigates, tremendous divert and embezzlement hidden trouble, make time bomb possibly.


h this before ” data clear Buddhism ” , ” information divulges the door ” same crisis, erupt possibly at any time.

Do not know to have repeatedly ” criminal record ” carry Cheng, this whether painful be determined, effect a radical cure this comes on old unmentionable disease?

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