Early news of finance and economics: The employee before Gu Ge meets with is sued the female is discriminated against on firewood fulfil

Early news of finance and economics: The employee before Gu Ge meets with is sued the female is discriminated against on firewood fulfil

Original title: Company dispatch | The masses car of 4.86 million blemish by recall, gu Ge is sued by the employee before meeting with because of discriminating against a female, bit money China will stop all trading on September 30 business

The masses car of 4.86 million blemish by recall

” negotiable securities daily ” the reporter learns from total bureau of national qualitative check, masses car (China) limited company of sale limited company, car of one steam masses, on limited company of steam masses car put on record to total bureau of national qualitative check recall plan, the decision rises from March 12, 2018, group by group in succession recall adds up to car of 4.86 million blemish.

As we have learned, the generator of did not take desiccative ammonium nitrate gas that because of driver’s seat or safety of front of deputy driver’s seat gasbag assembled tall field company to produce, when safe gasbag spreads out, aeriform generator may produce the member that unusually broken injury and car my wife, masses car (China) sale limited company, one steam – masses car limited company, on limited company of steam masses car decides to take recall step, eliminate safe hidden danger.

53 manufacturer of domestic carried out car recall 143 times in all first half of the year 2017, product of recall blemish car 4.76 million, and this product of car of masses recall blemish exceeds 4.86 million, with one action is surmounted 2017 first half of the year the summation of car recall amount. This second recall involves entrance masses, Ao Di, Xiyate, Si Ke to amount to car of brand of brand car an上海夜网论坛

d homebred masses, Ao Di. (Negotiable securities daily)

The employee before Gu Ge meets with sues: In firewood respond with a poem advance respect discriminates against a female

The employee of the 3 females before the name of branch of song of the cereal below Alphabet banner already was opposite in Zhou Si this company puts forward to sue, accuse company of this science and technology is in employee of female of discrimination of respect of advance of firewood respond with a poem.

The collective lawsuit of this picket draw up is referred in the court of California state level of san Francisco, and Gu Ge been beening faced with the salary that starts by American Ministry of Labour to propose a toast sexual bias is investigated before this.

To Gu Ge, this should be the collective lawsuit that its involve sexual bias first, but company of large science and technology is accused to discriminate against a female is a newest case only for the case just. This year in January, the female of similar post mixes the firewood fulfil prep above that American Ministry of Labour accuses to company of United States of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty pays to employee of white man man minority a group of things with common features descendantses. Microsoft and Twitter also face sexual bias suit, and high general rule paid 19.5 million dollar to be reached with respect to similar accusation last year reconcile.

The accuser of the case of this picket litigation since Zhou Sifa is expert of the engineer of software of song of the one cereal before the name, one communication before the name and a Ceng Zaigu song have successively held the posts of many post before handler. Their accusation says, the salary that Gu Ge pays to female employee in California city proposes a toast under the man that pursues similar work, and the possibility that assign gets promoting to the job of female employee is lesser.

Bit money China will stop all trading on September 30 business bit money slump in price

On September 14, china of money of bit of exchange of money of bit of domestic head home releases announcement to say, asset of number of bit money China trades new user stops to register since platform this day, will stop all trading on September 30 business. In the meantime, the mine pool of bit money China (country pool) wait for business to will not suffer this effect, continue normal operation.

Bit money China expresses, this decision is a basis will allot on September 4 ” net letter runs industry and informatization department in the center of Chinese people bank industrial and commercial meeting card inspect can keep total bureau silver-colored watch inspect is met the announcement that about be on guard token issues financing risk ” file spirit, make via discussing cautiously through group of bit money China.


ter announcement of bit money China is released, quickness of bit currency value steeps fall. Up to distribute news dispatches, the bit currency value on igneous money net signs up for 21100 yuan, drop for 15% the left and right sides, the bit currency value on bit money China signs up for 19100 yuan, drop more than 20% . (Insurgent news)

Big the Tang Dynasty telegraphic asset of smartphone of 300 million undersell is hemostatic

It is reported, big the Tang Dynasty telegraphic Qing Dynasty withdraws as further as crucial strategy apart deficit capital fund.

Integrated circuit of aspire deep ploughing + big the Tang Dynasty telegraphic (600198, SH) decides to swing the partial low end that already became be a burden on eventually assets of mobile phone business.

On September 13, big the Tang Dynasty telegraphic announcement says, will hang out his shingle with 332 million yuan of prices sell Shanghai actor considers limited company of communication science and technology (actor of Shanghai of the following abbreviation is thought of) with Shenzhen actor considers limited company of science and technology of great e上海龙凤论坛sh1f

xploit communication (actor of Shenzhen of the following abbreviation is thought of) each 100% equity. Notable is, actor is thought of ever also was one of smartphone manufacturers that show talent the earliest, but because its are in,intense market fails to maintain in competition send an advantage first and be defeated below blast come.

Because mobile phone market can say now,be oligopoly, basically before 5 manufacturer held the market share of 90% . Personage of know the inside story to ” daily economy news ” the reporter expresses, below intense market competition, actor or actress the market share that consider is squashed gradually. (Daily economy news)

Carefree Ma is special evacuate China times 87 sell a stop business that be compelled by fire control

Korea is retail the tycoon is carefree the group is potential the pace is bought easily follow, china of supermarket business evacuate. According to Han Lian the company will report on September 14, suffer guide in heart of Han deploy Sa the system is affected instead, carefree Ma is in China especially outstanding achievement is gloomy, can’t bear heavy burden, decide carry out finally to be in Hua Chao city definitely. The analysis thinks, although carefree group is 上海千花网论坛

denied for many times,mix clear do not abandon be in China business, but be pounded the most serious supermarket professional work carefree Ma is special, still want the margin that offer finally.

Half an year comes, carefree group is in Korea China business became a bottomless pit that fills dissatisfaction. Be in early this year in March, carefree group is added too with respect to Ceng T爱上海同城

ong endowment it is carefree Ma with loan means special Chinese door inn is urgent blood transfusion 360 billion Han Yuan, but the result still cannot bear business loss of a huge sum. According to media the report says, carefree Ma sells in 112 of China especially in field, 87 still are compelled by authorities of Chinese fire control close down, active cl上海千花网

ose down rectifies eliminate sell outside field, current and only 12 do business normally, but these 12 sell the sale of field also acute was decreased 75% . Additionally data shows, carefree Ma does business every months especially amount of loss is as high as 100 billion Han Yuan, do business first half of the year this year only deficit dimensions accumulative total already broke through 83 billion Han yuan. (Beijing business signs up for)

Random battle of platform of music of intervening network of national copyright bureau

The market structure that network music serves is being centered with each passing day, the Tecent music, music in A, Netease cloud music, Baidu adds up to music to already became the platform with the larger scale that puts only too, and the main weapon that copyright big fight is each square contention market. On September 12, the music in Tecent music and A reachs copyright to turn accredit cooperates, and two years ago, two big fight of they or copyright is the most intense.

National copyright bureau talked about afore-mentioned 4 networks music to serve the controller of business about in same day, talked about the relevant and main controller such as company of music of inside and outside of 20 more than family circumstances and association of international record trade about in 13 days.

Copyright management manages chief points out, market of copyright of current network music appeared a few problems, drive up copyright accredit charge, loot is exclusive copyright, wait for a phenomenon to rebound somewhat again without permitting tort to use musical work. This goes against the extensive transmission of musical work, the health that goes against network music industry develops. (21 centuries economy reports)

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