Battalion of before joyous luck century 3 quarters receives 178 million yuan to will abolish actor manager department

Battalion of before joyous luck century 3 quarters receives 178 million yuan to will abolish actor manager department

On October 26 evening, joyous luck century released 3 quarterly reports to say, before 3 quarters, the company realizes battalion to receive 178 mill阿拉爱上海同城

ion yuan, grow 31.01%; compared to the same period and 3 quarters realize net profit nineteen million and ninety-nine thousand seven hundred yuan, glide compared to the same period 125.36% .

Those who make a person afraid is, realized net profit 2017 290 million yuan outstanding achievement is affirmatory, can bubble soup?

Company of movie and TV and other industry pattern are different, the mode of joyous luck is the begi上海千花网

nning of the year pats play, the end of the year to affirm profit, zhong Junyan of president of joyous luck century is being accepted ” negotiable securities daily ” when the reporter is interviewed, express, a few big play of company are locked up basically this year decided buyer, make level in later period at present, take licence of travel setting out to be able to be signed close affirm income, need not fear outstanding achievement acceptance cannot be finished so.

Actually, be in before long before, joyous luck century just announces, sign 840 million yuan of He Aiji with Tecent art 618 million 爱上海同城手机版

yuan large sheet, and originally according to Introduction Zhong Junyan these order are early before 3 months is OK finish, because discussing partial sheet with platform,be piece mode paying fee deferred an autograph to restrict time, this lets person couplet remember 2015, joyous luck century and love are strange art use first ” rob a tomb takes notes ” open drama pays take time era, become user of video paying fee cruel added phenomenal class incident.

Doesn’t acceptance of the outstanding achievement that finish have pressure?

When joyous luck century borrows housing to appear on the market, once made outstanding achievement commitment: Its the net profit of 2015 year, 2016 year, 2017 year and the parent company of the vest in in amalgamative forms for reporting statistics that 2018 year realize will part not under 170 million yuan, 241 million yuan, buckle blame net profit 290 million yuan to part with 368 million yuan of; not under 152 million yuan, .

The mode of joyous luck is all the time: The beginning of the year switchs on the mobile phone film, make in year, sale of second half of the year, accrual can affirm before the end of the year, without stock product, this is very god-given in company of movie and TV. Accordingly, the income of before 3 quarters is little it is a normal. And because,gain of the corresponding period was last year special situation, ” annals of high official position ” had not switched on the mobile phone to had been defended with Hunan look a lot summer vacation broadcasted 2016, bilateral combination tried a new pattern (do later period to film again first) , at affirming income first half of the year in those days. But this kind of mode is not normal. Zhong Junyan tells a reporter.

Video paying fee is hasten of general trends place

2015, of joyous luck century ” rob a tomb takes notes ” surprise in love art with collecting fees the mode of drama broadcasts, the line on this drama is received after 5 minutes click application 160 million times, pay cost order 2.6 million, drove network video successfully to enter phase paying fee, become event of sex of industry surveyor’s pole.

In ” rob a tomb takes notes ” before, everybody wants to be less than, home has so giant user group to be willing to pay cost to watch video. But, tide of technology of times progress overlay, can push the trade a times, prospective week sows drama also will such. Zhong Junyan emphasizes further.

And in going 2 years, net drama market grows at full speed, instantly network video has made the first selection of company of movie and TV. Drama of prospective entire network is met certainly predominate market, this also is one of direction of joyous luck main attack, the platform that next year we will precede with the international such as HBO and group cooperate, roll out entire network to confuse your drama, it is the high-quality goods theatrical work that every the sort of 13 collect influence, make global synchronism and sheet piece attempt paying fee, at present already subject matter of soft science fiction of make choice of ” weather eye crisis ” with behavioral suspense knight-errant ” 7 paces blood ” two projects. Look in Zhong Junyan, the video website with mature future, perhaps can be a platform, and company of each movie and TV will have position on this platform, load oneself work operation, as an independent businessman, cat of day of similar movie and TV, accomplish To C mode truly.

Do not bind the actor b上海千花网龙凤论坛

roker of actor

Regard movie and TV as the company, actor broker is little not if problem, especially joyous luck century once was held in both hands red cross the Yang Mi, Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, star such as Chen Weiting, its still have a batch of Li Yifeng, Yang Zi, Ren Jialun, discharge such as Qin Junjie to take on below the banner at present.

Before a month, had manufactured ” the person that pretend ” , ” happy eulogy ” , ” surgical wind and cloud ” noonday sunshine of the well-known company that make releases announcement to announce, future will abolish actor manager department, dedicated create at content.

Actor broker water is too deep, analyst of trade having ticket is being accepted ” negotiable securities daily ” when the reporter is interviewed, express, education star is not easy, after having one’s moment bad tie.

But look in Zhong Junyan, actor broker still is company of movie and TV’s indispensable part, the market needs new face newborn power, joyous luck can continue to make star, the star that just approbates via acquiring the market we can develop them slowly more potential value, resemble brand of social consequence individual these, also can cooperate to establish joint-stock company to undertake cooperative next.

Joyous luck century does ma上海夜网

nager business to have natural advantage, because give priority to dozen of subject matter,be green God type, this kind of type of drama suits to train newly emerging force, resemble theatrical work of a few outstanding practical subject matter, although make, the cost of later period is not high, but the experience performance requirement of the burnish to the play, actor is very strict, new actor often very intractability, type of our celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, basically suffer numerous concentration to be in youth, suit to foster new actor more.

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before joyous luck century 3 season says 20 million yuan to fulfil 290 million yuan of commitment surely this year only

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